if you want to see me giving my painting to Peter: it’s around 20;40

and he also shows it at the end of the show, goes off with the painting in front of his face (around 1:18)  :))

make sure you put it in hd quality!

thepolkadotsfillthesky asked:
Ohh do you have a picture of the painting :D i watched the stream, it looked amazingg! X

there’s a picture on there dear, thank you! xx

stylishkidintheriotvan asked:
hey i know you gave twice a painting to peter right ? id like to give him mine but how did you do ? like were you front row and he saw your painting and came to get it?

hey yeah I did, I was front row (make sure you’re there early enough) and after a couple of songs I shouted ‘Peter!’ and held the painting up and he came to get it

Pete kissed me last night….again!!! It was a kiss half on the cheek half on my lips & I got beer all over me and i held his arm and I gave him my painting and he held it in front of his face to the audience! and afterwards at the tour bus Pete gave me a bottle of cider!! I am sooo happy I saw Babyshambles they were really good, it was such a chaotic night but the songs were reaaally good, I will post videos / pics as soon as I have them

See you tomorrow pete ! bringing my painting!!! (so excited)